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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Beach cover ups aren't just for the elderly anymore!

Last summer I bought a few cover-ups for my trips to the beach and camping. I may have been made fun of by all my friends by being called 'glam and jlo' in my beaded sequin cover ups, but I don't mind those nicknames at all! Anyways so I wan online shopping for new ones to impress them with this summer, here are a few I found that I'm in love with...
Inca's One shoulder tunic (above) in the gray and the green are to die for! (reg $300 on sale for $120 on Hautelook.com)

Victoria's Secret matching paisley bikini and tunic (top)($68) and cotton tribal print caftan with adorable pom poms! (bottom) ($59)

H&M Beach dress (top) ($17.95) and Jumpsuit (bottom) ($29.95)

Those are just a few I found online that I want, I'm sure if I continue to shop I will find more, but I should really get back to work ;) haha anyways let me know what you guys think on the cover up trend and if you will rock it on the beaches or by the pool this summer!



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

D.I.Y. Avocado Hair and Skin Mask

I have been noticing my hair has been really feeling the chill of winter and the ends have been very dry. So I took the opportunity today to make my own hair mask to help moisturize my hair and give it some shine.

I have a lot of hair and I also used it on my skin as well. My skin instantly felt smoother when I washed off the mask. Here's the recipe I made up:

1 whole avocado mashed (I have long hair and I used it for my body as well)
2 tbsp EVOO
2 tbsp Honey
1 (free run chicken) yolk :)

Mix it all up! try to get all the chunks out. I was too lazy to, as you can see! (sorry for the blurry pic!)

Apply in sections to your hair, and massage any left overs on skin.

before: not sexy =P

Wash it out well, seal your hair with a bit of vinegar (which I did not have lol). After I washed out all the avocado mixture, I went through my regular hair routine.

I usually start with Living Proof:

Then I will spray some heat protector of some kind. Then I apply some Ojon treatment for Blondes. (It's sparkly! I love it)

Then I add about a quarter-sized dollop of Macadamia oil.

And I will probably apply something to it tomorrow to smooth it all out but I didn't have to go anywhere today so I left it frizzy.

after: soft =D

All in all, I think that adding the DIY avocado mask to your routine about once a week would be beneficial, but does not replace professional products. I would use both. :)

hope this was somewhat helpful!



Monday, January 24, 2011

Beauty Tip of the Day - Maximizing a small Chest

(Photo from MSN)

Not all of you ladies can be naturally blessed in the chest department as I am, so this one is for you lovely ladies. Small busts have many advantages, but sometimes its nice to have a bit more up top to even out a figure, with out going under the knife.

Tips on how to get the immitation inflation bust:

1. Invest in a fabulous padded push up bra. Just by wearing one it makes you look at least a cup larger. The push up part is great for cleavage as well.

2. Certain cuts and shapes of shirts will help faltter your shape as well. Halter tops that have a bit of padding give your bust a bit of oomph. Also be sure it ties tight enough so that it will list your breasts up and give you a bit more cleavage. Another thing to do is buy a top that has some detail around the breast are, a cute little pocket or something to draw attention to your chest and away from other possible problem areas.
3. Accentuate the waist. No brainer, the smaller the waist the larger your chest will look. Simple to do as well, just add a belt to the smallest part of your waist (usually right below the bust).

4. Ruffles are cute and will make you look bigger, since they literally have more volume. Add a little ruffle and layers to your look and it will give the illusion of a bigger bust.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tan's Beauty Tip - Tame Flyaways

Frizzy Hair?

Everyone gets it, even the original hair goddess Jennifer Aniston!

I've got a way to tame flyaways in a pinch!

Carry Dryer sheets with you and rub on frizzy hair, its subdues the frizzies!



Tuesday, August 31, 2010

K-Dash by Kardashians For QVC

Ok so, I wasnt exactly looking forward to seeing the Kardashian hustlers, I mean sisters, design a fashion line. Sure, they dress pretty cute, but kinda boring usually. Not very original.

And from their sneak peak at their new line on their website, I was pretty spot on I think. Cute, but nothing too exciting.
So far I would say out of these 4 outfits I like the 2 that Kourtney is wearing best. The teal colour is very flattering for almost any skintone and the dress is flattering for almost every body shape.
Kim's outfits are not for me (fur is not my fave thing to wear being a vegetarian! and I hate faux fur, it never lasts!). The Mauve dress is pretty cute, love the colour, but the boxy leather wouldnt do anything for my figure, personally I like showing my waist and curves more and not hiding them, maybe I would buy the dress and belt it. The way she is wearing it would work well for someone who is heavier in the tummy area to hide a undefined waist, and show off the legs.

All in all, I maaay actually buy a thing or 2 from the line, depending on the price, as I could find items that look the same from any store in the mall...
Those are my thoughts thus far.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My New Jessica Simpson Shoes

I bought 2 new pairs this weekend from Winners Final Sale rack. reg $80 Jessica Simpson shoes, and I got them for $16 :) but they are a size and a half bigger than my reg. size lol but I loves them so i bought them anyways and I dont care that they are too big for me! haha

These wedges were $18 but I loved the lil tassel on the side zipper! And they are pretty comfy to walk in to work and grocery shopping :)

My New Swimsuit! Just in time for Fall! :(

So, I ordered a swimsuit June 14 online. I received it this week. August 20th-ish I think.

It was supposed to get to Washington (they dont sell to Canada, I had to send it to a box in Washington and pick it up) 9 days after the order was placed. So needless to say when my dad went to get it, not only was it not there but it wasn't even shipped yet! Arg! so frustrating!

Anyways enough of my complaints, I got it finally, and its pretty cute! I find it hard to buy cute bathing suits with my chest size, and I love the vintagy Marilyn-y vibe I got from this lil number. (the blue was the only colour left since I bought it on sale). I added the brown belt myself, I bought it from Urban Behavior for like $5 hehe. I wont tell you where I got the swimsuit from, because Im not exactly happy with the whole experience but if someone is really interested let me know so I can tell you privatly :)

So I wore it today for the first time and I realised something, the back strap is sewed on twisted! ARG! As much as I like this bathing suit, there is no way I am buying from this company again, even though they will return it, I don't want to return it, i wanna keep it, I just want them to fix it for me, but if I do that I know I wont get it back till next fall :P

Anyways, sorry for blabbin on, let me know if you like my lil ruched swimsuit :)